Mo-Ark Regional Railroad Museum

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Poplar Bluff can credit its early growth to the railroading industry, linking our city with other major locations: Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, or West to Springfield and Kansas City. The timber industry was the initial reason for establishment of the railway system. The influx of people, seeking jobs in this area, increased the need for machinery, food, clothing and other items needed for population growth. When the timber industry declined, farming became a major need for transportation. Cross-country railroads continue to provide the most economical mode of transportation

On your visit to the museum, you will see Model Train displays; photographs of early railroading days which depict logging, lumber mills, factories, area train depots, the early steam engine, a dining car display, a train bell, workman’s railroad maintenance tools and the old depot pot-belly stove.

The agent’s work area and Ticket Window are in the original locations, and feature the Morse Code System, the telephones and typewriters; also a display of lanterns used by the railroad workers.
A Television Room and Library provide additional educational materials for the interested historical student or visitor.

The museum features a Train Room with a model train layout which takes the visitor on an imaginary train ride through an interesting countryside, featuring farms, cities, mountains, mining, the desert, over rivers and through industrial sites.

You will be able to purchase souvenirs in our well-stocked Train Shop which features gifts, cards, model trains and items for building model train layouts.


Contact Information:

Mo-Ark Regional Railroad Museum
303 South Moran Street, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
Phone: (573) 785-4539


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