Day Trip Idea: Discover Treasure in Eminence, Missouri

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While pirates have to search the seven seas, follow obscure clues, or dig where ‘X’ marks the spot, you only have to take a quick drive from Poplar Bluff to Eminence, Missouri to uncover one of the Ozark’s true treasures. The quaint town of Eminence, Missouri is regarded as one of the best outdoor sports towns in the country!

Enjoy the striking red of Alley Mill, the mesmerizing blues of Blue Spring, the rugged edges of Rocky Falls, and the majesty of Echo Bluff. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the only two wild horse herds in the Midwest.

This scenic getaway nestled along the Jacks Fork River and Current River is perfect for anyone looking for their activities to be as beautiful as they are relaxing. The crown jewel of Missouri won’t make you dig too deep to create memories that you can treasure forever.

When you’re done uncovering this treasure of the Midwest, make your way back to one of Poplar Bluff’s delicious restaurants before spending the evening in one of our cozy hotels.


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