13 Reasons to Retire in Poplar Bluff

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1. Senior Citizen Housing

Available with rent based on income and with utilities included. Also, The Towers houses the Nutrition Center with delicious and well balanced meals at a reasonable price, much of the time with a live band while dining. Bingo games and other events are held in the Assembly Room of The Towers. Exercise equipment, a pool table, a library, and computers are available for games.


2. Shopping

A great variety of affordable shopping such as ALDI, Save-A-Lot, Dollar Tree, and other dollar stores. Also, let us not forget Walmart Supercenter and 10 Box Cost Plus.


3. Transportation

Various means of public transportation such as a city bus service, SMTS, taxis, and other services including specialized medical transportation. There is also an AMTRAK station which one could take to St. Louis. From there, the Metrolink to the airport, then almost anywhere in the word.


4. Medical

Two hospitals (one the Veteran’s Administration), various medical clinics, dentists, chiropractors, specialists, and even alternative medical practitioners are available.


5. Spiritual

A wide variety of religious faiths are available in town. Many with transportation available to attend services.


6. Social

Many community and other events are held, as well as a weekly senior citizen dance at The Oddfellows Hall every Saturday night.


7. Entertainment

A large multi-plex movie theater is available as well as live performance theaters, one of which is the historic Rodgers Theatre in downtown Poplar Bluff.


8. Parks

Poplar Bluff has at least two parks which are maintained by the city. One, Hillcrest, has a public swimming pool.


9. Exercise Facilities

Several private facilities are available as well as a public one at the Black River Coliseum, which also has an indoor swimming pool.


10. Museums

Multiple are available, including the Margaret Harwell Art Museum, Poplar Bluff History Museum, and the MoArk Regional Railroad Museum.


11. Government

City, county, state, and federal government agencies are available.


12. Emergency Services

Law enforcement (city, county, and state agencies are headquartered in and near Poplar Bluff), fire (both city and county), ambulances, and assistance in disaster (formerly civil defense). The Missouri Army National Guard also maintains the 205th Military Police unit at the Poplar Bluff Industrial Park.


13. Volunteer Organizations

One can volunteer for a variety of organizations be they church, museums, community agencies, etc.


Contributed by Daniel L. Kinder of Caruthersville, Missouri
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