Hayden’s BBQ

Legend has it that the local Catholic priest taught Roy his barbeque sauce recipe and that Roy bought the pink lemonade recipe from a vendor while visiting the Indiana State Fair. Wherever they originated they remain the same as the original today…sixty-five years later. Roy always referred and advertised “The World’s Best BBQ!” Current owners have added a choice of a slighter hotter version of the original recipe for those who are looking for a little more kick to their sauce.
While most Southern barbeque sandwiches are made from pulled pork or smoked butts…Hayden’s is not. Roy originally advertised them as “smoked ham barbeque sandwiches.” Hayden’s smokes whole on the bone hams and then slices the meat off and chops it. The sauce is added to the meat and served on a toasted bun with the traditional southern chopped dry cabbage…making for a premium and much more tasty barbeque sandwich than the more common pulled pork.
The barbeque sauce is made fresh everyday. It is a sweet vinegar and tomato based sauce that is cooked down for hours each day to get it to just the right consistency.
The pink lemonades are blended from a cherry sauce that is made on site together with lemon juice and just the right amount of shaved ice and water that is mixed together in a malt mixer. The shaved ice is an integral part of the recipe as it has to break down just right in the malt mixer to become the pink lemonade that has been enjoyed by thousands at Hayden’s for many generations.

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