Fall Color Driving Tour Route

Red MapleApproximately 56 miles round trip and 1.5 hours without stops.

Overview of driving tour route: PP Hwy from the intersection of PP and U.S. 67 about 13.5 miles to U.S. 60 East 7.6 miles to U.S. 60/67 South 5.2 miles to W Hwy. Then
north 8-9.3 miles to either County Road 534 or a little further to KK Hwy; east 5.4 miles to T Hwy south 5 or 8 miles to 60 West 6.3 miles to U.S. 67 south 1.4 miles and back to the start.

Stops, Services and Points of Interest to get you started:  If you are driving west out of Poplar Bluff, Tio’s Mexican Restaurant on Three Rivers Boulevard just off Kanell Blvd., is a great place to eat. You will also find a First Midwest Bank ATM at the intersection of PP Hwy and the 67 Hwy overpass. A little further west on PP there is an ATM at Southern Bank and Green Forest Grocery. Fill up with gas and grab a snack at Village Express Quick Stop or Green Forest Grocery at the intersection of PP Hwy and Township Line Road to get you on your way. Johnny’s Restaurant also offers food and beverage including smoked barbecue. Triple B’s (Bluff Burger and Brew) is also at this junction.

The Driving Tour: As you leave Poplar Bluff on PP Hwy, you will pass into the Mark Twain National Forest. This forest is part of a multi-site designation including over 1.5 million acres, mostly within the Ozark Highlands. It is Missouri’s only national forest. Located across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, the Ozark Highlands are an ancient landscape characterized by large permanent springs, over 5,000 caves, rocky barren glades, old volcanic mountains and nationally recognized streams. If you  travel in the early morning hours or near dusk, you are likely see deer. This area is a favorite home for many deer and deer hunters. After dark drive carefully to avoid deer and other animals including raccoon, armadillo, skunk, opossum and others. At about a mile past Township Line Road, you will see a marker for an area where the forest trees were planted by the Daughters of the American Revolution in a reforestation project after the heyday of logging in the area cleared much of the old growth forests in the early 1900’s. At about mile 4.7 you will cross the Cane Creek bridge. The creek was named for the cane plants that grow along its banks often used to make cane fishing poles. It is a native variety of bamboo. At the end of PP Hwy, turn onto U. S. Hwy 60 heading east (right), and take note of the area east of Cane Creek bridge at County Road 410. This is where the first settlers in Butler County lived beginning in 1819 and where the first official court proceedings were held in Butler County in June 16, 1849. Also in this area is the Kittrell Cemetary where Samuel Kittrell, head of the first settler family in Butler County, is buried. Sam had a general store/trading post, a tannery, and a blacksmith shop. He was born in 1777 and died in 1838. A chiseled stone gravestone marks his grave.

As you come into Poplar Bluff, just after the U. S. Hwy 60/67 overpass, at the light turn north (left) onto W Hwy. It may be labeled CR 526 or Shelby Road on your GPS map. You will pass the Jerry McLane Park. At 4.3 miles the road splits. Keep to the right staying on Hwy W. At 8.9 miles north, a new art gallery may be found in what was the old Collins Store, now the Flying ‘F’ Gallery, home of sculptor Ralph Wayne Freer. It was built in 1894 as a farmhouse and is a registered Century Farm. More information at flyingfgallery.com.

You have two choices for the next segment of your tour. Either County Road 534 or State Hwy KK will take you east (right) to Hwy T. The Eagle Pass Winery and cafe can be found on County Road 534 about one mile east (right) of the Hwy W junction. Locally produced wine, flavorful appetizers, tasty sandwiches and music on weekends make this a wonderful stop. Much of CR 534 is a gravel road. You may choose to go just a little further north where Hwy KK turns east (right) to take you on the next leg of your journey. The fall colors are especially spectacular here. It is approximately 5.5 miles on either CR 534 or KK to the intersection of T Hwy. Go South (right) on T Hwy 5 miles from CR 534 or 8 miles from KK Hwy.

As you head south on T Hwy, and just before you reach the intersection of U.S. 60, you’ll find three fun and funky flea markets: Country Bumpkins, Jordan Flea Market &  Antiques and Frontier Flea Market & Antiques. Each holds unique and unusual treasures with a local flavor of times gone by. Also at this spot, Bullwinkle’s Lodge and Lounge offer refreshments and lodging with a rustic flair. You can fill your gas tank at Village Express across the street.

Take U.S. 60 West (right) 6.3 miles to the 60/67 Junction. then south 1.4 miles back to your starting point at Hwy 67 South and PP Hwy. If you need to fill your tank or refreshments, PP Hwy becomes Kanell Boulevard as you go east (left) into Poplar Bluff. It intersects Westwood Boulevard, the primary commercial street in town. Along this strip you will encounter a number of dining establishments and opportunities to buy gas. This also takes you to most of the motels in the area.

Check the links “Places to Eat, Places to Shop and Places to Stay” on this website for more information.

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